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moving forward with the case against james holmes by charging the former graduate student with 24 counts of murder. two for each of his alleged victims. as nbc's mike tybee reporie tia, those are among dozens of charges he is facing. >> reporter: no camera in the courtroom, just a sketch artist, but 24-year-old suspect james holmes, so dazed and unengaged last week, was aletter and attentive as the judge told him he faced 142 separate felony charges, includes 2 death penalty counts, one for first degree murder after deliberation, and a second for murder with extreme indifference for each of the 12 victims killed. >> these are two alternative ways of getting a first degree murder guilty verdict. >> reporter: but some victims' relatives are already saying they don't want the death penalty. mary ellen hansen's niece, ashley moser, wounded and hospitalized, suffered a miscarriage, and is mother of veronica moser-sullivan, who was killed. >> i believe he should be locked away, and live with what he did every day of his life. >> reporter: unanswered in court, questions involving university of
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begin in colorado where six hours from now 24-year-old james holmes is scheduled to make his first court appearance since the friday movie theater shooting that left 12 people dead and 58 others injured. officials say the alleged shooter is not cooperating and a motive is still not clear. police have finished collecting evidence from the suspect's apartment that was bobby-trapped when the complex was raided with explosives. the associated press reports the investigators also found a batman mask in the apartment and the rest of the apartment building remains on shutdown due to chemical hazards. we also learned the suspect applied to a local gun range last month but was rejected after the club owner heard what he described as a bizarre outgoing message at the gunman's voice mail. last night thousands turned to honor the victim. the mayor read aloud each of the victim's name. president obama yesterday afternoon flew into aor ra to meet with the victims' families and to show his support. >> i con fessed to them that words are always inadequate in these kinds of situations, but that my main t
at the 24-year-old suspect james holmes making his first court appearance. his hair was colored reddish orange, demeanor described by many in the courtroom as bizarre. he did not say a word during the 11-minute hearing appearing dazed and lethargic and at times making strange facial expressions. savannah guthrie is reporting sources close to the defense said hole am was given no medication at the time of the arrest or before that court appearance. >>> right now he's being held in isolation at the county detention facility. the district attorney says she'll get input from the victims before deciding whether or not to seek the death penalty. formal charges are expected next monday. we still could be months away from the arraignment where holmes will have to enter a plea after guilty, not guilty, or perhaps guilty by reason of insanity. the da says then could be a year before this case goes to trial. >>> the body that governs college athletics waited into new territory on montague a hatchet to penn state's football program after the criminal conviction on charges of child rape of its forme
morning, willie. james holmes' first court appearance is four hours from now in aurora outside of denver. we are expecting it to be a brief court appearance. the judge is going to perhaps read the charges against him for the first time, which are certainly going to include multiple accounts of first-degree murder. no question about that. and he could face the death penalty as this court case goes on to the next several weeks, months and years. the police chief of aurora, his name is daniel oates, said the shootings are a result of calculation and deliberation. he's trying to show this was not the result of some crazed man but somebody who really planned this buying 6,000 rounds of ammunition over four months on the internet. they are really trying to show he deliberately planned these attacks, willie. >> yeah, jon, a lot of people focusing in on the 6,000 rounds of automatic ammunition he was able to order in the weeks and months ahead of this episode. is there any insight, have people looked into at all how exactly he did that without red flags being raised? >> reporter: well, he was ab
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)

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